Seller Resources

We love preparing homes for sale and making sure we get the greatest number of potential buyers considering it. The details of selling a home may be overwhelming, but when you work with the Fjortofts, we do the heavy lifting. Here is what you can expect when you work with us:

Determining Value – Our initial meetings with sellers involve our getting to know your house and neighborhood.  We will catalog positive features of your property as well as any areas for improvement as we listen to the seller tell the story about this home.  We can always look up statistics, but we want to know what attracted you to this neighborhood in the first place and why you fell in love with your home.  Those are the kinds of things home buyers might be drawn to as well.  What updates and renovations have you done?  How has the area changed?  As you show us around, we will be mentally working on a custom marketing plan based on what we see and hear.

Home Preparation – It’s time to show off your home at its best.  We offer concierge service with a list of local reputable service providers to make the place shine.  It is amazing what window washing, great cleaning inside and out, and proper staging can do for a property.  Will this home be occupied while it is for sale or empty?  The staging company we have worked with for ten years can work with you to make your home shine!

Photography – Cutting-edge, HDR real estate-focused photography will drive buyers to your home.  We will arrange for architectural quality photos including a virtual tour slideshow and aerial drone shots if warranted.  You want potential buyers to be drawn to your property before they ever step foot in your house.  A video with a musical background can make viewers feel as though they are already there settling in.

Marketing – Residential real estate marketing is three-pronged:  online, print, and agent-to-agent.

  • Online marketing is possibly the first exposure buyers will have of your property so it has to be GREAT!
  • Print marketing, including a home book, Shutterfly book, just listed cards will be tailor-made for your property.
  • In addition, I rely on the wide network of agents I have worked with in the past and let my excellent reputation speak for me.

Brokers Opens and Open Houses also cast your net wider to catch both folks looking online and those driving through the neighborhood. The greater the exposure, the more likely to attract serious buyers.  These strong approaches will get your home viewed by a wide audience as well as by potential buyers who are ready to buy.  The quality of your property and its desirability will make it stand out even in a slow market.

Most of our clients agree that their homes look so good it makes it hard to move!