Meet Jarl

Jarl Fjortoft is no stranger to hard work.  Born in Seattle to immigrant parents, Jarl helped his father & twin brothers in the commercial fishing industry as a teen and young adult, learning the values of honesty, integrity, fairness, and punctuality.

After working with his family in a highly successful crab fishing business, in 2000 Jarl made a career change to financial planning.  Remembering the values taught to him by his father, in his new career he made sure to always do what was best for the client.  It was natural for Jarl to move to the real estate business when his wife, Andrea, did.  He still adheres to those same principles taught at his father’s knee, and this means that he always provides advice that is both honest and fair.  His early training instilled important qualities for any career, such as attention to detail, following up, and following through.  He keeps his focus on his clients’ needs and roots his work flow and process on their individual case.

Jarl is a unique find in the real estate business due to his demeanor.  He is a great listener and analytical thinker, but he is not going to sugarcoat a situation.  If something is not going well, or isn’t good for his clients, he is going to tell them.  You will always know exactly what is on Jarl’s mind.  But he is also excellent at taking something that might be construed as a negative and showing how it can be turned into a positive.   Transparency can be an unusual quality in sales, but Jarl makes it work for all concerned.  And having the background Jarl does, he has the Teflon exterior that allows him to roll with the punches and help his clients to end up on top.

Jarl Fjortoft is a one-of-a-kind REALTOR®.  If honesty, a strong work ethic and unequaled integrity are what you value in a real estate partner, seek out Jarl Fjortoft.